Looking after your Voice: tips for teachers

Last year a teacher received thousands in compensation for losing her voice, and thereby her source of income, but I don't know any schools who have invested money into training so it doesn't happen in their school. There will be at least one teacher in every school who has trouble with their 'throat' or voice and all would benefit from being shown good practice.

Looking after your voice should be part of all teacher training but it isn't. We cover the essential points in an hour workshop. Particpants will:

  • understand how voice is produced
  • realise the important factors involved
  • identify the envoronmental factors
  • be able to reduce the risk factors
The workshop has a practical element so participants may want to bring a mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Cost: £20 per person or whole staff £100.

We can also do this as a practical workshop to work on the important factors.

Cost:  £300 for a morning or afternoon session

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