Introduction to sign

We use Smart Sign which is based upon Makaton supplemented by BSL where necessary. Our programmes are designed to work on essential interaction and communication skills. 

We can do an introductory session which covers the first 150 signs for just £90 in staffordshire. 

We also do 2 six week programmes to teach the children the signs. We use  circle-time sessions using stories, games and songs. We can do this with 2 year olds and the pre-school groups (we can do school age too). Prices start at £350 per programme.

We can also show you how to promote the use of sign language with all children as part of providing a language and literacy rich environment, filled with words, and books, to develop children’s new ideas and growing minds. 

For instance, in Horn End nurseries in Stafford, Hixon and Rugeley, we worked in each age group: In the Baby Smalls group I helped the staff identify which signs were important to add to comments or instructions that the staff were giving to the babies which helps their understanding and ability to express themselves before they can talk, as well as singing and signing. The pre-school group Toby Talls have had a specially devised programme to encourage their vocabulary and general language skills as they learned important signs while the Tommy Thumbs enjoyed singing and stories with sign. It was fantastic fun but the staff and children learned so much.

One of the outcomes of this project is the development of the communication policy in the nurseries to include daily signing with the children as this promotes their understanding, expressive language and speech development from a very early age.

If you would like to know more about this then please  Libby on 0844 704 5888

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